White House condemns kidnappings in Algeria

Rachel Rose Hartman

The White House on Thursday condemned the kidnappings by militants at a natural gas plant in Algeria in which some of the hostages are believed to be Americans.

"We condemn in the strongest terms a terrorist attack on BP personnel and facilities in Algeria, and we are closely monitoring the situation," White House spokesman Jay Carney said at Thursday's press briefing. Carney could not confirm that Americans are involved, but said the "best information we have at this time ... indicates that U.S. citizens are among the hostages."

Carney also said the White House remains in contact with Algerian authorities, international partners and the BP office in London.

"We are deeply concerned about any loss of innocent life and are seeking clarity from the government of Algeria," Carney said, adding that the White House remains interested in any information regarding who is behind the attacks and whether there are terrorist links.