White House chief of staff Denis McDonough offers press donuts and goodwill

Rachel Rose Hartman
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The White House appears to be taking the president's "charm offensive" effort to heart.

It's rare to see White House officials in the White House press workspace, let alone offering sugary treats and compliments. But that's how Tuesday began for reporters camped out in the press area.

"Thank you for all that you do," White House chief of staff Denis McDonough told reporters in the press basement as he waved two large boxes of sprinkled, iced and glazed Dunkin' Donuts treats. "Take another," he said as he made a second pass by stunned members of the press.

A reporter asked when McDonough had last visited the windowless basement area, and he conceded it had been quite some time.

McDonough was trailed by press secretary Jay Carney, whose appearance was equally rare.

As the sugar settled, ever-questioning members of the Fourth Estate began to wonder what they should brace for next...