The weekend in politics: Romney running mate and bus tour, and more

Phil Pruitt

The biggest politics story of the weekend will be the intensifying speculation surrounding Mitt Romney's running mate. Or, if Romney makes the much-anticipated announcement, the biggest story will be about his selection.

Meanwhile, as Romney prepares to begin a four-state bus tour Saturday in Virginia, the big questions remain:

Who will he select?

When will he make the announcement?

And, of course, who joins him on the bus tour and his every utterance along the way will serve to fuel the buzz.

As for the bus tour, on Sunday he'll be in North Carolina, on Monday he'll make stops in Florida, and on Tuesday the tour goes to Ohio.

Sen. Marco Rubio is from Florida, and Sen. Rob Portman is from Ohio, and both have been mentioned as running mates. Speculation. Speculation.

Also worth noting this weekend:

  • On Saturday: Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry speak at The Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines; Tim Pawlenty attends the New Hampshire GOP Ice Cream and Candidates Summer Social (more speculation?); and first lady Michelle Obama attends a fundraiser in Colorado.
  • On Sunday: The first lady attends a fundraiser at the home of No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani in Beverly Hills.

And then there is this: President Barack Obama's birthday was Aug. 4, but he's still celebrating. He has a birthday fundraiser planned Sunday at his Chicago home.

Looking ahead: Obama campaigns Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Iowa.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Associated Press