Weekend in politics: Obama in Nev., Romney in Pa., debate prep, and more

Phil Pruitt

Mitt Romney plans to campaign Friday in Pennsylvania, a state where President Barack Obama is leading in the polls with 40 days left before the election. It will be Romney's first visit to the state in more than two months.

Obama will attend two fundraisers Friday in Washington, D.C., and then head to Nevada on Sunday to campaign. Polls indicate the race is very tight in the Silver State.

Vice President Joe Biden begins a two-day campaign swing through Florida on Friday, and Romney running mate Paul Ryan will spend Saturday campaigning in New Hampshire.

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Romney and Ryan will attend fundraisers Friday evening in Massachusetts.

Also worth noting this weekend: Michelle Obama will campaign Friday in Wisconsin and Iowa, and Josh Romney will campaign Friday in Iowa for his father and Saturday in Wisconsin.

And then there is this: It's sort of final exam time for Wednesday's presidential debate. Obama is scheduled to begin three-days of debate preparation Sunday in Henderson, Nev., and Romney plans to spend the weekend studying, too.

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