Weekend in politics: Kerry in S. Korea, China, Japan, and more

Phil Pruitt
The Ticket

Secretary of State John Kerry is in South Korea on Friday as the region braces for a missile test by North Korea at any moment.

Kerry’s stop in Seoul comes the day after disclosure of a U.S. intelligence report that concludes North Korea probably could arm a missile with a nuclear warhead.

[Kerry visits tense S. Korea amid missile test fears]

Kerry heads to China on Saturday and then to Japan on Sunday.

Back in Washington, Friday is shaping up to be a quiet day:

  • President Barack Obama will welcome the  U.S. Naval Academy football team to the White House to present them with the 2012 Commander in Chief's Trophy;
  • Vice President Joe Biden will visit the CIA headquarters and speak at a welcome ceremony for new director John Brennan;
  • House Republicans are poised to approve a measure that would stop the National Labor Relations Board from conducting business until a dispute over Obama's recess appointments to the agency is resolved.

And then there is this for next week’s agenda: The Senate on Tuesday will begin weeks of debate on gun control legislation, and the much-anticipated immigration reform bill is now expected to be unveiled on Tuesday.

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