Weekend in politics: jobs report, Romney and Obama in Iowa and N.H., and more

Phil Pruitt
September 7, 2012

There will be a lot of buzz Friday about President Barack Obama's acceptance speech and whether he did what he needed to do and how his message compared to Mitt Romney's a week earlier.

There also will be a lot of buzz about the August unemployment report, which comes out Friday, and what it says about economic recovery, what it means for Obama's efforts at re-election, and Romney's efforts at making sure that doesn't happen.

[UPDATE: US economy adds 96K jobs, rate falls to 8.1 pct.]

Romney has finished prepping for the October debates and will be campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire on Friday, and he'll follow that with a visit to Virginia on Saturday. Meanwhile, running mate Paul Ryan will attend a rally Friday in Nevada, while Ann Romney will hold a "Women for Mitt Rally" in Virginia.

The Obama-Biden team has a full weekend of campaigning. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be in New Hampshire and Iowa on Friday. (No, they aren't likely to run into Romney. He's in Iowa in the morning, and New Hampshire in the afternoon. Their schedule is just the opposite.)

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On Saturday, President Obama begins a two-day swing through Florida, and Biden begins two days of events in Ohio.

Yes, all the states on the weekend campaign schedules are battleground states. That's what it's all about between now and Nov. 6.

And then there is this: Congress returns to work Monday. Question is, how much work will actually get done? Are members in competitive races likely to cast any risky votes? Stay tuned.

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