Wednesday in politics: Obama meets with Senate Democrats, and more

Phil Pruitt
The Ticket

President Barack Obama will talk strategy Wednesday with Senate Democrats at their caucus retreat in Annapolis, Md., and immigration, gun control and the federal budget are certain to be at the top of the topic list.

Obama needs Senate Democrats to stick together as he seeks to push through his second-term agenda.

The president will meet Thursday in Leesburg, Va., with House Democrats at their annual retreat.

The buzz is likely to continue in Washington about the Obama administration’s use of drones to kill suspected terrorists, including U.S. citizens overseas linked to groups thought to be targeting America. Some members of Congress are looking to limit the drone campaign, and drones are certain to come up Thursday when the Senate Intelligence Committee grills John Brennan, the White House's pick for CIA chief.

Also worth noting on Wednesday: Vice President Joe Biden will conduct a ceremonial swearing-in for new Secretary of State John Kerry, and Republican Sen. Rand Paul delivers a lecture on “Restoring the Founders' Vision of Foreign Policy” at the Heritage Foundation.

And then there is this: It’s the 80th anniversary of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, which moved the start of presidential, vice-presidential and congressional terms from March to January.

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