How to watch the presidential debate with Yahoo News

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The Ticket

If you aren't in Denver to see the debate live alongside Yahoo News reporters Holly Bailey and Olivier Knox, we've got the next best thing: start-to-finish streaming coverage of the debate, complemented by live-stream commentary before and after from ABC News and Yahoo; coverage of the night's top buzzy moments; a live poll gauging your reaction to what the candidates are saying; and a live-blog experience, anchored by Yahoo News deputy editor Chris Suellentrop, that you can join in, too. Get it all here.

You can also download Yahoo's IntoNow app on your tablet or phone to fact-check what the candidates are saying during the debate, and use our CapIt feature to write your own captions on photos from the evening.

Here's the full rundown so you know where to be, and what to expect, when you tune in:

8 p.m.: ABC/Yahoo live-stream pregame show, anchored by ABC's Amy Walter and Dan Harris, featuring Yahoo journalists including Holly Bailey, Jeff Macke and Phoebe Connelly.

8:45 p.m.: Start of live blog, hosted by Chris Suellentrop and featuring Yahoo News columnists Walter Shapiro, Jeff Greenfield and Virginia Heffernan. (You can join below, too.)

9 p.m.: Live stream of the presidential debate from Denver begins.

10:30 p.m.: Debate ends. ABC/Yahoo postgame live stream begins, featuring Yahoo News's own Walter Shapiro and Olivier Knox.