Virginia and North Carolina, show us your election!

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Virginia and North Carolina residents, your states have more than just a border in common—they're also the only two states in the South up for grabs in the presidential race. So, you're getting a lot of attention from President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and their running mates that the rest of us don't see. We want to know what it's like, and here's your chance to show us! Share your stories and photos with Yahoo! News and we might feature them in a series we're doing about 2012 swing states.

Here's what we're looking for:

1. Share your firsthand observations, stories and anecdotes of what it's like to be in a battleground state. Write between 200 and 400 words, and include colorful details that paint a picture of what it's really like in your state.

Some possible topics to touch on:

-How many political commercials do you see per day? Which ones stick in your mind, and why?

-Are you going to candidate rallies?

-How many of your neighbors have Obama-Biden or Romney-Ryan yard signs?

-What's the best political bumper sticker you've seen?

-Do you know who you're voting for? What about your friends and family? Is there political tension in the air due to differing opinions?

-If you haven't decided on whom to vote for, tell us what could change your mind.

2. We're also publishing readers' photos from the campaign trail, so snap away and share those too! If you're at a campaign event or you've spotted interesting political paraphernalia (think yard signs, bumper stickers, street art and more), snap a picture and send it to us.

You can submit your content several ways: Email us at (please include your full name and city of residence); join the Yahoo! Contributor Network; tweet your photos to @YahooTicket using the hashtag #SwingStateStories; or join our Election 2012 Flickr group. Please send your content by Thursday, Oct. 25.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you about what's happening in your community.

(Photos by Tom Jacobs, Dave Kreisman, Joshua Yospyn and Todd Benson)