VIDEO: Rick Perry’s strange stump speech in N.H.

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Rick Perry has already suggested that his campaign may scale back on planned debate appearances. To judge by the latest Perry video now going viral, he might want to consider reducing his campaign appearances across the board.

The Texas governor--who's already suffered plenty of criticism for substandard debate performances and his awkward stump style--was effusively expressive (some might say giddy) and went off on several prolonged tangents during a speech Friday night in Manchester, N.H. Perry spokesman Mark Miner responded to the Huffington Post Saturday that Perry was simply being "passionate."

Others went further. "Some People Might Say Rick Perry Was Drunk When He Gave This Speech," New York Magazine's Daily Intel declared. "It is the strangest Rick Perry video I have ever seen," wrote Mother Jones' Tim Murphy.

A viewer put together a montage of some of the speech's oddest moments. You can judge for yourself here:

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