Video: What it looks like to be hit by a riot police shield at Occupy D.C.

Chris Moody

WASHINGTON--The U.S. Park Police is clearing demonstrators from an Occupy camp this weekend, removing abandoned tents and closing parts of the small park to keep the protestors from sleeping overnight.

The police have blocked off the streets surrounding the park and are in a standoff with the demonstrators who have remained.

Yahoo News dropped by the camp at 15th and K streets NW with a camera, and was knocked off a park bench when a demonstrator nearby got a bit too close to--and maybe mouthy with--the cops. Thankfully for my spine, the ground was littered with hay and protest signs. They break a fall rather nicely, I can now attest.

The video contains profane language.

Authorities here have tolerated the demonstrators for months, but recently began enforcing the law against sleeping on the grounds. Before the demonstrators arrived in 2011, the federal government had spent $400,000 on a renovation project of McPherson Square that has largely been undone by the group's presence.

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