Video: All aboard the Newt Express

Chris Moody
January 5, 2012

For his campaign swings through Iowa and New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich chartered a bus for members of the press to follow his every move. And over the past few weeks, I've spent several days on the Newt Express, plowing through Midwestern corn fields and down the winding roads of New England.

My Newt-charted tours of the early primary states also include about a dozen other reporters from around the country. Most are young--in their mid-20s--willing to work long hours and travel thousands of miles. The campaign has assigned a staffer the full-time job of keeping us all on schedule (and out of trouble) as we follow the candidate, with cameras always rolling, into the meeting halls, restaurants and factories of America.

Courtesy of Reuters producer Charli James, here's an inside look at life on the Newt trail:

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