Tuesday in politics: Cantor to outline House GOP agenda, and more

Phil Pruitt

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will outline the House Republican agenda on Tuesday in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute. The emphasis, Yahoo News’ Chris Moody reports, will be on education, innovation, simplifying the tax code and reforming immigration and labor laws.

The Virginia Republican is planning to promote policies he says would help the "most vulnerable" and would boost working and middle-class citizens, according to excerpts of Cantor's speech provided to Yahoo News.

"Our solutions will be based on the conservative principles of self reliance, faith in the individual, trust in the family, and accountability in government. Our goal: To ensure every American have a fair shot at earning their success and achieving their dreams," the excerpts say.

President Barack Obama will meet at the White House with labor leaders and business leaders, and topics will include immigration reform, balanced deficit reduction and the president’s broader economic agenda. The first meeting will include representatives from the Center for American Progress, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, National Immigration Law Center and the NAACP. The second will include executives from Goldman Sachs Group, Motorola Solutions, Revolution, Deloitte, Qualcomm, The Coca Cola Company and Yahoo.

Also worth noting on Tuesday: Vice President Joe Biden and second lady Jill Biden conclude their visit to Europe with a stop in London; the Congressional Budget Office releases its annual “Budget and Economic Outlook”; the House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on immigration; and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano inspects border security in Texas.

And then there is this: It’s the 10th anniversary of Secretary of State Colin Powell urging the U.N. Security Council to move against Saddam Hussein, saying Iraq had failed to disarm, was harboring terrorists and was hiding behind a “web of lies.”

Sources: Yahoo News’ The Ticket, Yahoo News reporter Chris Moody, Associated Press and Reuters.