Tuesday in politics: Biden, Holder push gun violence proposals, and more

Phil Pruitt
The Ticket

Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder will deliver remarks Tuesday at the White House echoing President Barack Obama's call on Congress to pass measures they say would reduce gun violence. Biden and Holder will be joined by law enforcement officials from across the country.

Meanwhile, up on Capitol Hill, the Senate is expected to resume consideration of legislation that would require background checks for every firearm sale and the prohibition of anyone listed in the national instant criminal background check system from buying a gun.

[For Obama, gun control is more than just a feel-good gesture]

Obama took the gun control campaign to Connecticut on Monday, and brought back 12 family members on Air Force One who were affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December. The relatives want to meet with senators who have yet to back gun violence legislation to encourage their support.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will brief his fellow Republican senators Tuesday on the details of a comprehensive immigration reform plan set to be released later this month, Yahoo News’ Chris Moody reports, and he is expected to assure them that the legislation will contain "the toughest immigration enforcement laws in U.S. history."

The first draft of the legislation is expected to be made public in the next few days.

Also worth noting on Tuesday: Obama and Biden have a regular meeting with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at the White House and North Korea is likely to be on the agenda; Secretary of State John Kerry concludes a three-day visit to Israel and the West Bank; Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew concludes two-day Europe visit; and the House convenes after the Easter recess.

And then there is this: “In Performance at the White House: Memphis Soul” will be hosted by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. The event will be livestreamed beginning at 6:55 p.m. ET.

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