Trillion-dollar coin? White House says no backup plan on debt ceiling

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

As the idea of minting a trillion-dollar platinum coin to solve the country's debt-ceiling crisis goes viral, the White House on Wednesday made clear it isn’t playing along.

“There is no 'plan B.' There is no backup plan,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said during Wednesday’s briefing when asked to address the idea of a trillion-dollar coin.

"It is Congress’ responsibility to pay the bills of the United States. … There is no alternative to Congress raising the debt ceiling," he said.

But Carney stopped short of specifically rejecting the idea, prompting reporters to continue their questioning. "Treasury oversees printing and minting. ... You might ask Treasury," Carney said after expressing annoyance that the coin questions continued.

“I have no coins in my pocket," he said in jest and then exited the briefing room.

The "Mint the Coin" movement went viral this week, stretching among Washington lawmakers, economists, U.S. news outlets, international media, social media (see: #MintTheCoin) and everyday Americans.