Thursday in politics: Biden-Ryan showdown, and more

Phil Pruitt
October 11, 2012

There's really only one story in politics today: the Biden-Ryan showdown at 9 p.m. EDT at Centre College in Danville, Ky. It's the only vice presidential debate in 2012.

Vice President Joe Biden's mission: Reclaim some of the momentum lost after what was perceived by many as a lackluster performance last week by President Barack Obama in the first presidential debate.

Paul Ryan's mission: Just the opposite. Maintain the momentum Mitt Romney picked up after the debate.

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While Biden is getting ready for the debate, Obama will be in Florida campaigning. His day includes a fundraiser emceed by actress Eva Longoria.

Romney will be campaigning in North Carolina. His day includes teaming up with Mike Huckabee.

Also worth noting on Thursday: Dick Cheney attends a Romney fundraiser in Virginia; Michelle Obama campaigns in Colorado; and Tagg Romney and Ben Romney, two of Mitt Romney's five sons, campaign in Virginia.

And then there is this: Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of former President Jimmy Carter winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

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