Throw back a Jägerbomb with Mitch McConnell

Chris Moody

Shots all around, and Mitch McConnell's buying.

The re-election campaign for the top Republican in the Senate launched a contest Thursday, and the winner gets to kick back some booze with the lawmaker. The contest is part of the launch of a new McConnell campaign Tumblr page that invites supporters to submit pictures of themselves "Eastwooding" at a bar. ("Eastwooding" was an online trend last year that started after Clint Eastwood pretended to carry on a conversation with President Barack Obama while speaking to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention.)

"Everyone that submits an ObamaDrink photo will be automatically entered to win a drink of your choice with Mitch!" the McConnell campaign's Facebook page read Thursday with a link to the Tumbler page.

McConnell posted his own photo at a Kentucky bar earlier this week, in response to a joke Obama made about not wanting to have a drink with him.

The new Tumblr page already has a few submissions from people pretending to drink with the invisible president. (If you don't understand what is going on, don't worry. The Internet is the weird one here, not you.)

Anyway, Sláinte!