Tell us the TRUTH! What are your hopes, dreams, fears for the next four years?

Yahoo! News

As President Barack Obama begins his second term, Yahoo! News and NowThis News want to hear from you.

How do you feel about the state of our nation, politics, democracy, Washington, and the world?

In cooperation with the Cause Collective, NowThis News brought the TRUTH Booth to the campus of George Washington University to hear what students had to say about 2013 and beyond. You can hear what some visitors to the booth had to say:

So how can you participate? Go to, or use the new Flickr mobile app, and upload your own first-person video in the style of those above. Just begin by saying "The truth is....", and keep it to 90 seconds or less.

Our favorites will be featured next week on Yahoo! News.

Make sure to add the tag #TRUTH2013 so we can find it, and add the Creative Commons license, so we have the option of posting it on Yahoo! News.