The State of the Union in 140 characters

Yahoo! News
February 13, 2013

Yahoo News asked for your take on the State of the Union in 140 characters.

You were witty:

@donnabrazile Nutjobs abound. Economy sputtering. Gummint in gridlock. All things considered, I'd rather be at spring training. #sotu140— Dave Krieger (@DaveKrieger) February 12, 2013


#sotu140 I failed, I'm sorry. Drones are bad, the economy is crap, get ready for a dollar collapse. I'm resigning.<CHEERS> — Jybyrd (@jybyrd420) February 12, 2013


More jobs less ammo; equal rights for women, LBGT, & more mental health access for all. Let's not forget our troops; come on home. #sotu140 — Tracy Dendy (@TerribleTracy2) February 12, 2013

End of afgh war, moral spending, earned benefits for elderly, education, EDUCATION and EDUCATION!!!! #sotu140 — Kenneth (@KennethS92) February 12, 2013

Addressing climate change could be his "go to the moon" moment. Galvanize the nation/world, solidify his legacy. @donnabrazile #sotu140

And rhyming:

Climate queasy: won't be easy. Jobs: we need! Gals: heed! Immigrants: freed! Assault guns: not fun! TParty ain't got me on the run! #sotu140 — Margaret E. Atwood (@MargaretAtwood) February 12, 2013

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