The State of the Union in 140 characters

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Yahoo News asked for your take on the State of the Union in 140 characters.

You were witty:

@donnabrazile Nutjobs abound. Economy sputtering. Gummint in gridlock. All things considered, I'd rather be at spring training. #sotu140— Dave Krieger (@DaveKrieger) February 12, 2013


#sotu140 I failed, I'm sorry. Drones are bad, the economy is crap, get ready for a dollar collapse. I'm resigning.<CHEERS> — Jybyrd (@jybyrd420) February 12, 2013


More jobs less ammo; equal rights for women, LBGT, & more mental health access for all. Let's not forget our troops; come on home. #sotu140 — Tracy Dendy (@TerribleTracy2) February 12, 2013

End of afgh war, moral spending, earned benefits for elderly, education, EDUCATION and EDUCATION!!!! #sotu140 — Kenneth (@KennethS92) February 12, 2013

Addressing climate change could be his "go to the moon" moment. Galvanize the nation/world, solidify his legacy. @donnabrazile #sotu140

And rhyming:

Climate queasy: won't be easy. Jobs: we need! Gals: heed! Immigrants: freed! Assault guns: not fun! TParty ain't got me on the run! #sotu140 — Margaret E. Atwood (@MargaretAtwood) February 12, 2013

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