Someone targets Jon Huntsman using his own web domain

Holly Bailey

Jon Huntsman may be staffing up ahead of a potential 2012 run, but President Obama's soon-to-be-ex ambassador to China apparently forgot about one very important task for any likely presidential candidate: Buying his own web domain name.

Visitors to are now taken to a page that hosts the former Utah governor's so-called "love letter" to Obama that someone leaked to The Daily Caller last week.

The letter is posted against a pink backdrop dotted with light pink hearts. Meanwhile, whoever is behind the page also created a heart graphic for the site modeled after Obama's 2008 campaign logo.

According to WHOIS, the directory of web domain owners, someone anonymously purchased the domain in late January--weeks after Huntsman put out word that he was considering running for the GOP nomination in 2012.

It's yet another sign that Huntsman's biggest obstacle in the upcoming 2012 race may be explaining his relationship with Obama to likely GOP voters.

Yesterday, one of Huntsman's South Carolina supporters told CNN's Peter Hamby that Huntsman will seek to cast his time in the Obama administration as a sign of his ability to rise above partisan politics to serve the country. But with his 2012 rivals likely to hammer Huntsman on the issue, it's still unknown whether ex-governor's argument will fly with Republican primary voters who strongly disapprove of Obama.

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