Small donors power Obama’s $29.1 million January haul

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

President Barack Obama's campaign announced Friday morning that it made a $29.1 million fundraising haul in January for his reelection effort and related Democratic committees.

"Thanks to everyone who pitched in," the campaign said on its official @BarackObama Twitter feed, where it made the announcement.

The campaign also said that 98% of the donations were $250 or less.

A campaign aide said the funds would go to Obama for America, the  Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Obama Victory Fund (a joint venture of the campaign and the DNC), and the Swing State Victory Fund.

Put another way: The cash haul represents about $2.31 from each of the campaign's 12,559,238 Twitter followers.

The president's February figures are sure to be closely watched because they will reflect his fundraising after he reversed course and embraced so-called "Super-PACs," powered by vast donations from small groups of individual donors.

In the tweet immediately before the announcement, Obama cheered the apparent congressional deal on extending the payroll tax cut, saying the estimated $40 per pay period for the average worker was "real money that will make a real difference in people's lives."

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