Scott Walker wants Romney to choose fellow ‘cheesehead’ Paul Ryan as VP

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

Cheeseheads stick together.

A week after his victory in the Wisconsin recall election, Gov. Scott Walker is spending a day in Washington, D.C., where on Thursday he discussed whom he would like to see on the party ticket next to Mitt Romney in November.

If the decision were up to him, Walker would choose fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan, he said.

"Obviously I'm biased with Paul," Walker said during a breakfast meeting with reporters."I grew up down the road with him. He's a cheesehead like me."

Ryan, who endorsed Romney during the primaries and has appeared publicly with him, is considered a possible contender for the GOP's No. 2 slot. He also spent time on the trail in Wisconsin stumping for Walker during the governor's recall battle.

"If you believe the fiscal crisis facing our country is clearly one of our top challenges, I don't know of anybody, at least in this town, who's better equipped to help do that," Walker said of Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee. "Not just because of his plan, but because I think he understands the dynamics, I think he's got incredible respect on both sides of the aisle. If somebody agrees with him or not, I don't think there's anybody—or few—who don't at least respect the fact that he's committed to his position and understands the budget."