Scott Brown asks to deploy to Afghanistan for National Guard duty

Holly Bailey

Sen. Scott Brown announced this morning he has requested to deploy to Afghanistan as part of his annual National Guard training.

The Massachusetts senator, who is a lieutenant colonel in the Guard, said in a statement he specifically asked for the mission, which, if approved, would occur as the Obama administration prepares to begin drawing down troops in the country.

"(It) will help me to better understand our ongoing mission in that country," the GOP lawmaker said, adding that it would give him "first hand experience" that would compliment his Senate duties.

While other sitting lawmakers, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, have completed their annual military service overseas, it's not a guarantee that Brown will be allowed to go. As MSNBC's Domenico Montanaro notes, Brown will need a formal waiver from the Secretary of Defense given he's an elected official on the brink of a re-election bid.

If approved, Brown would serve for about two weeks in the region.

(Photo of Brown: Josh Reynolds/AP)