Rudy Giuliani is still flirting with a 2012 run

Holly Bailey
September 29, 2011

Chris Christie and Sarah Palin have dominated much of the discussion about potential dark horse candidates in the 2012 Republican presidential primary. But Rudy Giuliani is doing his best to keep his name in the race.

Per the Associated Press's Steve Peoples, Jake Menges, one of Giuliani's closest political advisers, met with key Republicans in New Hampshire this week to urge them to hold off endorsing in the primary until his boss decides whether he's running.

"Jake said to me, 'Just keep your powder dry for another few weeks,' " Stephen Talarico, a prominent GOP activist, told the AP.

Giuliani has been cagey for months about whether he'll run in 2012--suggesting he'd like to jump in the race, but admitting his moderate brand of politics wouldn't fare well in the contest. Last month, he said he'd run if the party was "desperate."