Ron Paul will decide on 2012 presidential run ‘in a month’

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

Ron Paul says he'll decide whether or not he'll run for president "in a month or so."

In an interview with conservative radio host Alex Jones, the Texas congressman sounded more like a 2012 candidate than not.

"We are getting awfully close, and there is just a few other things that I have to iron out personally to make my final decision. But it has to come," said Paul, who added he'll likely show up next month's GOP primary debate sponsored by Fox News.

The interview comes as the congressman's son, Sen. Rand Paul, has hinted he'll consider a 2012 bid if his father opts out of the race. On Tuesday, Rand Paul said he expects his father to launch a White House bid.

Asked if he's consider a third party run, the Texas lawmaker didn't exactly rule it out, but suggested he'll stick with the GOP.

"I guess in life, you should keep all options open. But right now, I'm still a Republican congressman and we did it last time as a Republican," Paul said.

(Photo of Ron Paul: Darryl Webb/AP)