Romney: Obama ‘running on fumes’ instead of policies

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

CHESAPEAKE, Va.—Mitt Romney slammed President Barack Obama for not offering more details about his second-term agenda in Tuesday night's debate, telling voters here on Wednesday that his opponent has focused on attacking GOP proposals instead of explaining his own policies.

"He can't even explain what he's done in the past four years. He's spent most of his time talking about how my plan won't work. Well, what about his plan?" Romney said at a rally held on the ground of a local community college here. "It's clear when it comes to his policies, his answers and his agenda, he's pretty much running on fumes."

Again and again, Romney slammed Obama for not presenting a clearer plan for what he would do if re-elected. Pointing out that next Monday's debate in Boca Raton, Fla., will be their last face-off before Election Day, Romney suggested Obama has only a few more days to present his second-term agenda to the country.

"He's got to come up with that over the weekend," Romney said.

The Republican nominee kicked off a daylong swing in this battleground state with some added star power: Former "Saturday Night Live" player Dennis Miller joined Romney on his flight from New York and introduced him at the rally.

Miller, a noted conservative, said he didn't support Obama's bid for the presidency four years ago, but that he had wanted "my president to do well."

"I want my country to work. I want the head guy to make it work," Miller continued. "It didn't work. That's all that has happened over the last four years. It didn't work out."

The comedian joked that his friends who supported Obama in 2008 "talk about voting for Obama in much the same way they tell the same story about [how they] took an Ambien and woke up naked outside."

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Romney, Miller argued, is a guy who "gets off on fixing things," a comment that elicited some laughs from the crowd.

After a debate performance in which he seemed to miss opportunities to ding his Democratic rival, Romney used his remarks here to fill in some of those missed moments. Among other things, he made a direct appeal to female voters, speaking of the economy's negative impact on women.

"This is a president who has failed America's women," Romney argued.

Closing his remarks, Romney pointed to the calendar and noted repeatedly that there are just "20 days" until the election.

"Twenty days until we decide what kind of America we are going to have," Romney said.