Romney campaign offers sneak ‘peak’ of TV ad on Facebook

Dylan Stableford

A week after the Mitt Romney campaign launched an iPhone application that misspelled America as "Amercia"—a gaffe that quickly went viral—a post on Romney's Facebook wall teasing a new TV ad for the presumptive Republican nominee flubbed the spelling of "sneak peek" in the promotional copy.

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The post on Romney's Facebook page appears to have been taken down, but a screen-grab of the ad was posted on Twitter late Sunday by Buzzfeed political reporter Andrew Kaczynski.

On May 29, the night he clinched the 2012 Republican nomination with a victory in the Texas primary, the campaign rolled out its official iPhone app, allowing supporters to take and share a photo that overlayed more than a dozen campaign slogans, including "A Better Amercia."

"Amercia" soon began trending on Twitter.

"Mistakes happen," Andrea Saul, spokeswoman for the Romney campaign, told MSNBC.

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Had the Romney campaign tweeted its most recent "sneak-peak" offer, the misspelling would've been caught immediately by @StealthMountain, a Twitter feed that automatically corrects people who spell it that way.

The bot, which launched last year, searches for the error and alerts spelling-challenged tweeters with this reply: "I think you mean 'sneak peek.'"

To date, the feed has corrected nearly 100,000 "sneak peak" tweets.

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