Romney says he’s spent his campaign money ‘a little wiser’ than Obama

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

Mitt Romney took a shot at President Barack Obama's fundraising on Tuesday, telling donors at a Houston fundraiser that he's managed his campaign cash better than Obama.

"You've perhaps noticed in the paper, we're a little wiser in our spending of dollars than the other side, apparently," Romney said. "I'm not managing their campaign for them, but we're going to spend our money wisely, we're going to spend it to win.

His comment came a day after both campaigns filed their July fundraising reports with the Federal Election Commission. According to FEC reports, Romney and the Republican National Committee ended last month with $185 million in the bank—nearly $60 million more than Obama and the Democratic National Committee, which reported just $127 million in the bank.

It was the third month in a row that Romney and the RNC—which are jointly raising cash for a committee called the Romney Victory Fund—have outraised Obama and the DNC.

Romney made his remarks in the midst of a fundraising swing through the Southwest, which began in New Orleans on Monday.

Tuesday's event, held at the Houstonian Hotel, was billed as an energy industry fundraiser and included an appearance by Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, who was on Romney's short list of vice-presidential running mates.

Speaking to attendees, Romney announced he would make a trip to New Mexico later this week, where he'll hold an event to speak about his energy policy. But he declined to tell attendees what he would talk about--noting the presence of reporters in the room.

"We will be, I believe, before the end of this week in New Mexico describing a comprehensive energy plan, particularly as it relates to fossil-based fuels. I know that we have members of the media here right now, so I'm not going to go through that in great detail so I can save a bit of that until a little later in the week," Romney told donors, according to a pool report. "But your input is something I wanted to retain before we actually cross the T's and dot the I's on those policies."

Romney was expected to raise at least $6 million from the Houston event. He's scheduled to travel to Midland, Tex., for another finance event this evening.