Romney: Obama ‘could have hired 2 million teachers with that [green energy] money’

Eric Pfeiffer
The Ticket

When Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama were asked to compare their education plans, both candidates went out of their way to say they support public education.

For his answer, Obama tapped into a recent gaffe Romney made when he suggested that prospective students should borrow money from their parents to pay for their college education. However, instead of continuing to hit his point home, Obama paused briefly during his delivery, seemingly trying to avoid making the attack too personal.

"When he says that people should borrow money from their parents to go to college, that indicates … the degree to which folks, just don't have that option," Obama said.

Romney responded: "I don't have any plan to cut education funding. But I do agree with you that where you put your money says something about your priorities."

"You put $90 billion into green energy," Romney said. "I'm all for green energy but you could have hired two million teachers with that money."