Romney and Ryan pose for a photo with campaign staff at RNC

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

TAMPA—Mitt Romney made a brief appearance on the floor of the Republican National Convention to pose for a photo with his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, and about 100 members of his campaign staff.

Romney was in the arena for a final walk-through to review the logistics of his nomination acceptance speech, which is scheduled to begin at 10:25 p.m. ET.

A senior Romney adviser tells Yahoo News the GOP candidate signed off on the final draft of his speech shortly before heading over to the RNC site. He's expected to speak about his "vision" for the country but will also talk about personal subjects, including his father and his faith.

"I think you'll enjoy the speech," Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior adviser to Romney, told reporters Thursday. "He's very happy with it, and one thing we know about Mitt Romney is that he always rises to the occasion."