Romney stars in rom-coms on Tumblr

Dylan Stableford
The Ticket

Ever wonder what Mitt Romney would look like as the star of a romantic comedy? A whimsical Tumblr provides a tiny glimpse of the possibilities.

The site,, was originally launched in May but recently updated with fake movie posters featuring the Republican presidential candidate in some classic roles: Romney as John Cusack's boom-box-wielding Lloyd Dobler in "Say Anything"; as Cusack opposite Diane Lane in "Must Love Dogs"; and as Seth Rogen with Katherine Heigl in "Knocked Up."

Romney is even depicted as noted Obama supporter Alec Baldwin in Nancy Meyers' 2009 hit film "It's Complicated," a title that could sum up the GOP nominee's relationship with some voters.

"Two lovers. A man. His country," the Tumblr's tagline reads. "Both ambitious, likeable and apparently meant for each other, but kept apart by some complicating circumstances."

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Romney is an avid film fan. In an interview on "Live! With Kelly and Michael" last week, Romney said his favorite actor is Gene Hackman, especially for his work in "The Birdcage." In the film, Hackman plays a Republican senator who opposes same-sex marriage until he has a change of heart.