Romney raises $5 million in fundraising swing through New York and New Jersey

Holly Bailey

Mitt Romney is winding up a two-day fundraising swing through New York and New Jersey that will bring in another $5 million to his campaign.

The total was announced at a fundraiser Thursday morning in New York City, where Romney headlined two private fundraisers. He'll attend another finance event in Short Hills, N.J., before flying to Boston later Thursday. On Tuesday, Romney raised $1.5 million at two events in New Jersey.

He pulled in at least $1.5 million alone during a fundraiser at 583 Park Avenue on New York's tony Upper East Side, where supporters paid $2,500 to hear Romney speak at a breakfast and another $10,000 to take a picture with the candidate.

But New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, a top Romney fundraiser and chairman of the candidate's New York campaign, warned donors that Team Romney still has a long way to go before reaching its financial benchmarks.

"We're about halfway through our fundraising, and so if you feel tired now, you gotta go take a couple vitamins because we're gonna really have a strong push to the finish line," Johnson said, per a pool report.

Spencer Zwick, Romney's finance chairman, assured supporters their money will be put to good use.

"We're not going to use the money on things that don't matter," Zwick said, according to a pool report. "We're going to use the money to win."

Romney and the Republican National Committee outraised President Barack Obama in July by $26 million.