Romney leaves a handwritten note for reporters on ‘party bus’

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

WEATHERLY, Penn.—Chasing Mitt Romney around the country is often a blur of random cities, with each stop requiring its own unique logistics for the reporters who regularly cover the Republican nominee.

In Pennsylvania, where Romney is in the midst of day two of a six-state bus tour of key battleground states, the Romney press corps was surprised to find they wouldn't be traveling on a long tour bus usually rented by the campaign to trail Romney. Instead, the campaign had procured what can only be described as a party bus—a short white motor coach usually hired to ferry around drunk party-goers.

The bus featured leather seats, neon lighting and, in its most unusual quirk, electric plugs in the ceiling above each seat. Soon, the bus looked like it was full of white streamers—only, it was an array of plastic cords, not tissue paper.

It took little time for the bus to become the subject of jokes among reporters—and, to their surprise, Romney.

After the candidate's first event here this morning, the press corps arrived back to the bus to find a note from the candidate taped to the front wall of the bus.

"You guys have it way too soft—nice ride," Romney wrote, signing the handwritten letter with a simple, "Mitt." "P.S.—Erased your hard drives."

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