Romney focuses on Obama, plus more to watch for Wednesday in politics

Phil Pruitt

Mitt Romney, coming off three more wins Tuesday, can be expected to say nothing about his Republican opponents Wednesday in a speech at the American Society of News Editors and everything about President Obama.

Romney's strategy: This is now about Romney vs. Obama, not Romney vs. Rick Santorum.

Obama spoke at the ASNE convention Tuesday and chided Romney for backing the recently released House Republicans' budget plan, which Obama said would hurt working families and seniors. Romney is bound to have a response in his speech.

Rick Santorum, having declared Tuesday night that the nomination race is not over and that it's only half time, will be campaigning in his home state of Pennsylvania. Romney will be there, too, Wednesday.

Obama hosts his annual Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House on Wednesday, with Christian leaders from across the country joining him for a time of prayer, reflection and celebration of Easter.

And then there is this: Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., turns 80 Wednesday. He was elected to the Senate in 1976.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Yahoo! News Washington Bureau Chief  David Chalian, Yahoo! News reporter Rachel Rose Hartman, Associated Press.

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