Romney campaign has raised $10.2 million since Ryan VP pick

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

BOSTON—Mitt Romney's campaign says it has raised nearly $10.2 million in the week since Rep. Paul Ryan was named to the GOP ticket.

"It's clear his choice has reshaped the race in a positive way," Matt Rhoades, Romney's campaign manager, said in a statement issued to reporters early Friday.

Rhoades suggested the Ryan pick has unnerved President Barack Obama's campaign, which has prompted it to go even more negative.

"The Obama team's increasing vitriol is a sure sign that they're rattled by the pick," Rhoades said. "Unable to engage in an elevated policy debate, they've spent the past few days drowning in their own venom."

His statement comes less than 24 hours after the Obama campaign described Ryan as a "Hail Mary" pass and suggested he'd had no impact on the race.

The Romney campaign touted several measures where Ryan's pick has had an impact, including on Facebook, where it has added 510,000 more "likes," bringing the total to nearly 4.4 million, and on Twitter, where followers jumped from 54,000 to 861,000 people. Rhoades also said the campaign had added 45,000 new volunteers in the week since Ryan joined the ticket.

"While President Obama's team continues its campaign of frustration and division to distract voters from his failed record, the Romney-Ryan team will continue offering solutions to the challenges facing our nation," Rhoades said. "America is ready for a comeback and if this past week is any indication, America's comeback will begin on Nov. 6th."