Romney campaign preps VP announcement: ‘Turn on your push notifications’

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

Mitt Romney's campaign last week launched a smartphone app to reveal the name of the presumptive Republican presidential candidate's running mate, and on Tuesday they teased the big announcement a little more.

An email went out to supporters who downloaded the app reminding users to "Turn on your push notifications" for the the program to work correctly.

Here's the email from Romney campaign Digital Director Zac Moffatt:

You already downloaded the Mitt's VP app -- thank you! America's Comeback Team could be announced any day now.

But I just wanted to remind you that you still need to do one more thing in order to be the first to find out who Mitt has selected as his running mate.

To get an exclusive notification of Mitt's VP selection before anyone else, you need to turn on your phone's push notifications.

  • On an iPhone, go to your settings application, then notifications. Ensure "Mitt's VP" is "In notification center."
  • On an Android, open "Mitt's VP" application and click on the gear icon. Ensure push notifications is set to on.

So turn on your phone's push notifications now, and you'll be first to get the history-making scoop.


Zac Moffatt
Digital Director
Romney for President, Inc.