Rick Perry goes hunting with Steve King in Iowa

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

Rick Perry returned to Iowa Saturday, where he went hunting for pheasant—and possibly for a key endorsement.

Dressed in camouflage boots and a neon orange vest, the Texas governor went on a shooting expedition with Steve King, an Iowa congressman who is influential among social conservatives in the state. King, who is personally close to Michele Bachmann, has yet to endorse in the Republican presidential primary.

Perry and King went shooting at a 900-acre hunting preserve outside Sioux City. At an event in Eastern Iowa later in the day, the Texas governor cited the expedition as evidence of his strong support for Second Amendment gun rights.

"I was excited about getting out and shooting a shotgun and seeing if I had lost my touch," Perry told voters in Wilton, Iowa. "And I haven't."

But Perry isn't the only one hunting for an endorsement. On Sunday, King is set to go hunting with Rick Santorum, who has also been courting the Iowa congressman's support in recent months.

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