Republicans hit Democrats with ’179 trips to the moon’ since Senate passed a budget

Rachel Rose Hartman

You could have built three Pentagons, climbed Mount Everest 292 times and constructed all 1,179 miles of that Keystone Pipeline in the time since the Democrat-controlled Senate has passed a budget, House Republicans argued on Tuesday.

As Yahoo News first reported, Republican House Speaker John Boehner's office released an infographic (pictured above) Tuesday to kick off a communications push designed to place Democrats on the defensive over the Senate's failure in nearly four years to pass a traditional budget rather than the stopgap measures that have been passed to delay government shutdown.

House Republicans last week offered to raise the debt limit in the short term if Senate Democrats pass a budget. Following news of the proposal, the White House reiterated its insistence on a "clean" budget bill, but hailed the offer as a step towards further negotiations.