Republicans ask: What would you do with your $52,000 share of national debt?

Rachel Rose Hartman

Fifty-two thousand dollars could, among other things, buy you NFL season tickets for nearly 67 years and groceries for seven years, and make for a hefty down payment on a house. So Republicans argue in a new infographic released by Speaker John Boehner's office on Wednesday morning, part of their effort to highlight Democratic spending amid the growing national debt.

According to the chart, if the $16 trillion national debt were divided among every man, woman and child, each person would receive $52,000—an amount Republicans are highlighting on Wednesday, the 1,400th day since the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a budget.

President Barack Obama has been publicly pressuring House Republicans to raise taxes on the nation's wealthiest and some corporations as part of a budget deal. In the absence of a budget passed by Congress, federal agencies will face a sequester—across-the-board spending cuts—March 1.

Republicans issued a statement along with Wednesday's graphic calling on Democrats to do their part to avoid the sequester.

"Republicans voted twice to replace the president’s sequester with smarter spending cuts and reforms. And—for the third year in a row—the House will pass a budget that promotes economic growth and addresses our debt crisis. Now we need Senate Democrats and President Obama to do the same," Republicans state on Boehner's website.

Republicans will be using the hashtags #1400days and #NoDemBudget on Twitter on Wednesday to promote their message.