Republican strategist Steve Schmidt: Rick Perry campaign is ‘over’

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Rick Perry may be laughing his way through the fallout from his debate blunder Wednesday night, but Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said the the Texas governor has little cause to be light-hearted.

"His campaign is effectively over," Schmidt, who managed John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, told the Washington Post. "This was not a singular episode. It is the grand finale in a ruinous series of public appearances which includes the bizarre New Hampshire speech."

As we reported, observers accused the Texas governor of being drunk or on pain medication during a New Hampshire appearance two weeks ago. Perry denied those accusations, saying the speech was well received and that the viral video of the event was edited in a negative way.

Schmidt's condemnation is the latest bad news for Perry coming out of the Republican party.

"Rick Perry just lost the debate. And the entire election. You only had to name three," Tim Albrecht, spokesman for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, tweeted during Wednesday's event.

In the immediate wake of the debate, many Iowa Republicans reported that they are rethinking their support for Perry.

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