Rand Paul kicks Newt Gingrich while he’s down

Chris Moody

Newt Gingrich seems to be sliding further down in the Republican presidential campaign polls every day, but Ron Paul isn't coasting to the finish line in Iowa.

His son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, just sent out a fundraising letter that rubs Gingrich's new low numbers in his face:

Not too long ago, Newt Gingrich said with 100% certainty, "I'm going to be the nominee."

It's got to be hard watching something you think you're entitled to slip away.

Tensions have long been high between the two camps. Ron Paul's presidential campaign recently released a torrent of negative ads against Gingrich, who led public opinion polls Iowa until just a few days ago. This week, Gingrich said he would not support the Texas congressman if he is selected as the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

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