Pro-Romney super PAC begins $4.3 million ad buy

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

A super PAC that spent millions of dollars to boost Mitt Romney's bid for the Republican nomination is gearing up to spend millions more to help him unseat President Obama.

Restore Our Future, a political group operated by several former Romney advisers, is broadcasting $4.3 million worth of political ads in nine key swing states this fall. The buy, which starts Thursday and runs through May 16, includes airtime in Colorado ($293,000), Florida ($857,000), Iowa ($490,000), Michigan ($465,000), Nevada ($278,000), New Hampshire ($231,000), North Carolina ($773,000), Ohio ($581,000) and Virginia ($354,000).

The group is re-airing a spot that focuses on Romney's role in finding the missing daughter of a former co-worker at Bain Capital; the then 14-year-old disappeared in New York City. The ad previously aired during the GOP primary and is a near replica of a campaign spot Romney aired during his 2008 presidential bid.

Restore Our Future spent at least $35 million on ads boosting Romney's GOP primary bid, with most of the money going to spots attacking his former rivals Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

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