President Obama played ping pong with David Cameron

Holly Bailey

A day after he downed a pint of Guinness in Ireland, President Obama continued his diplomatic tour of Europe with an old fashioned game of ping pong with British Prime Minister David Cameron and a group of London junior high schoolers.

The random tournament occured as Obama and Cameron were touring the Glebe Academy, a math and performing arts school in London. After speaking to students, the two leaders wandered into the school's gym, where a ping pong table was set up.

"Who wants to take me on?" Obama said, according to the White House pool report.

Obama and Cameron ultimately teamed up--though their strategy was a bit clumsy at first, since both are left handed. But according to reporters on the scene, the two leaders soon came up with a strategy of how to stay out of each other's way, allowing them to score a few points on their younger competitors.

(Photo of Obama and Cameron: Charles Dharapak/AP)