President Obama joins Pinterest and users debate the first family’s chili recipe

Dylan Stableford
The Ticket

He's already on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare. Now President Barack Obama has joined Pinterest, too.

The pinner-in-chief's Pinterest page went live on the fast-growing social network late Tuesday. So far, the president's Pinterest—which is being maintained by his 2012 re-election campaign—has 49 "pins," including links to photos (first dog Bo seems to enjoy the spotlight), videos (including the recent "Road We Traveled" documentary), clothing from the campaign's online store and Obama's Spotify playlist.

The page has more than 5,500 followers and thousands of "repins." Fellow Pinterest users commenting on Obama's board have been generally positive, though not everyone has nice things to say.

One was critical of a pin to a poster that read "The definition of hope is you still believe, even when it's hard."

"Is this a campaign or a religion?" Jon Gabriel, the user, wrote. "Creepy."

"Still waiting for the jobs here in IL," Lennie Jarratt wrote in response to a pin of a chart touting the administration's record on job creation. "We are heading in the wrong direction here due to the failed policies in Springfield."

A pin to the Obama family chili recipe sparked a debate over its use of red wine.

"Oh boy, can't the Pres. share something as innocent as a darn recipe?" Patricia Apoian wrote. "This sounds yummy and healthy to me."

Obama isn't the only political figure in the 2012 race on Pinterest. Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, signed up last month.

"I don't care if Barack Obama is on Pinterest," Lindsay Kaplan, a fashion marketing director, wrote on Twitter. "Where the hell is Michelle's inspiration board?"

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