President Obama gets his photo-op with Mitch Daniels

Holly Bailey
The Ticket
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Knowing full well how unpopular he is with Republican voters, President Obama has been all about embracing his potential GOP rivals ahead of next year's presidential campaign. He's said nice things about Mitt Romney's health care plan, praised Jon Huntsman and even tried to sneak in a man-hug with Jeb Bush.

Today, Obama got his photo-op with another likely Republican opponent, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who met up with the president on the tarmac in Indianapolis during his visit there today. Judging by the look on Daniels' face, he knows it's a photo that's bound to come back to haunt him--which is probably why he did this in the next shot:

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Well played, Mitch Daniels. Well played.

(Photos of Daniels and Obama: Charles Dharapak/AP)