Pick up a camera: We want to see Election 2012 through your eyes

Phoebe Connelly

The best campaign moments sometimes come when the reporters aren't around. The Ticket wants to see the 2012 campaign through your eyes. We've created an Election 2012 Flickr group that anyone can join. You can upload your election-related photos, browse images, and meet other photographers.

If you haven't used it before, Flickr is a free online photo-sharing service. You'll still retain all the rights to your photos, and our editors will moderate the pool to make sure content is appropriate in subject and tone.

We'll use your submissions to curate Flickr galleries about the election that all users can view.

Let us know what you're seeing as you meet the candidates and hang out with like-minded voters. Get a Flickr account (free!) and join our Election 2012 group today.