PHOTO: Obama campaigns during a downpour in Virginia

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

Not even torrential rain could keep President Barack Obama off the stump on day two on his bus tour through Virginia.

"You know, this feels kind of good," Obama said, as he took the stage during a heavy downpour at a campaign stop in Glen Allen, Va., near Richmond.

But Obama quickly pivoted back toward his message of the day: Trashing Mitt Romney.

Speaking to a drenched crowd of roughly 900 supporters, he accused Romney of supporting "top down economics," by opposing an increase in taxes for the rich. And continuing his line of attack on Romney's resume at Bain Capital, Obama accused his Republican rival of investing in "companies that have been called pioneers of outsourcing."

"I don't want a pioneer in outsourcing," Obama said. "I want some insourcing."

Romney has denied that he outsourced jobs while at Bain Capital or as governor of Massachusetts. Earlier this week, he accused Obama of being the "outsourcer-in-chief."