Pelosi: GOP using IRS, Benghazi and DOJ issues as ‘evasion’ tactic

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans of using the alleged scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice and the State Department as an "evasion" from passing bills she said would increase job growth.

Over the past few weeks, the IRS admitted to targeting conservative groups applying for nonprofit status and the Department of Justice seized AP journalists' phone records. Earlier this week, the White House provided more details about the Obama administration's initial response to last year's attack on an American compound in Benghazi, Libya.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Pelosi called the IRS and DOJ issues "legitimate"—she condemned the IRS' practices outright—but suggested that Republicans were trying to exploit them for political gain.

"Any issue that comes up, they will try to exploit," Pelosi said. "And some of them are legitimate issues, but they should not dominate everything. And so, what I think is that they have used talking points on Benghazi, they will use the IRS, they will use the AP, they will use these as subterfuges, evasions, of what the American people want us to do here. They want us to create jobs.

"Now, if you're a party in Congress and you have no intention of creating jobs, you want to change the subject," she continued. "So I think this is as much about forcing their anti-government ideology of not a public role in the creation of jobs as well as undermine the president of the United States."