Paul Ryan is suffering from veepstakes fatigue

Chris Moody

You can hardly blame him for the exasperation.

For the next few months, anyone remotely speculated to be on Mitt Romney's shortlist for vice president will be asked the same questions about the process, often many times over in a single day.

Paul Ryan seems tired of it already.

Here's his response to the Washington Examiner during a wide-ranging interview with the paper's editorial board Thursday, according to the transcript:

Q: You mentioned the Vice President. Are you being vetted right now by the Romney campaign?

Ryan: I'm not gonna get into that. I'm not changing any of my answers. I get asked this every time I walk down the street. I'm not gonna give any new answers. I'll let them comment about this. If I'm not gonna get into any of that. I'm not here to talk about that.

The Hill reported Friday that the Romney campaign has already started the process of reaching out to the prospective nominees. Those chosen will only grow quieter until the campaign announces its choice.

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